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Get your 50kg DCP Fire Extinguisher

What fires can dry chemical powder fire extinguishers be used on?

ABE Type :-

Class A Fires – paper, cardboard, wood, fabrics, people etc.
Class B Fires – flammable liquid fires, petrol, deisel, oil etc
Class E Fires – electrical fires, computers, photocopiers, switchboards etc

BE Type:-

Class B Fires – flammable liquid fires, petrol, deisel, oil etc
Class E Fires – electrical fires, computers, photocopiers, switchboards etc
Class F Fires – although not included in the rating the BE type is capable of extinguishing cooking oil fires
Both types of dry chemical powder fire extinguishers can be used on flammable gas fires, however evaluate the situation carefully before doing this, as burning gas eliminates the gas, whereas if the fire is extinguished, the gas can continue to leak, build up and become a potential bomb if ignition is triggered.

How do dry chemicial powder fire extinguishers work?
All fire extinguishers work by removing one or more elements of the fire triangle – heat, fuel and oxygen

The dry chemical powder use in most ABE fire extinguishers is called monoammonium phosphate. This powder has the ability to melt and flow once heated which allows it to coat the fuel and extinguish the fire especially class A and E fires. With class B fires the powder smothers the surface of the fire and stops the vapour (fuel) escaping and therefore extinguishing the fire straight away. Flammable liquid fires do not generally store much heat in the fuel source, therefore the powder will not normally melt.

BE type dry chemical powder extinguishers differ in that they do not melt onto the fuel surface and are therefore ineffective against class A fires giving them a BE rating.

What are the advantages of dry chemical powder extinguishers?
Dry chemical powder fire extinguishers have a few advantages when compared to other fire extinguishers:-

Versatile – can be used on many different types of fire
Powerful – extinguish fires quickly
Compact – when comparing effectiveness / size against other types of fire extinguisher
Economical – low prices gives them a great price / performance ratio
Coverage – can provide fire protection for large areas
Variety – come in may differing sizes and ratings
Safe – due to their versatility they are safe for use on electrical fires

How to use dry chemical powder fire extinguishers?
Dry powder fire extinguishers are similar to most other fire extinguishers in operation. Just remember the PASS principle!Pull the Pin – Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire – Squeeze the handle – Sweep from side to side



  • Total height: 1540mm
  • Cylinder height: 1500mm
  • Cylinder diameter: 267 mm
  • Minimum wall thickness: 5.5mm
  • Width wheel – wheel: 530mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 5x3mm
  • Hose length: 5 metres
  • Discharge time: 50 seconds
  • Discharge distance: 5 metres


  • Care Label: Always check for expiry date, Keep in a cool place
  • Color: RED
  • Main Material: Fire retardant
  • Production Country: USA, China
  • Product Line: Mark of Success Nigeria Limited
  • Size (L x W x H cm): N/A
  • Weight (kg): 50


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